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Our favourite leftover lamb recipes

Our favourite leftover lamb recipes

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If you enjoyed a traditional Easter roast over the weekend then you might have some leftover lamb to use up. Lucky you! Roast lamb is a brilliantly versatile dish that can be used in all sorts of recipes. Check out four of our favourite leftover lamb recipes below.


A gorgeous bake of filo pastry layered with lamb, feta cheese and mixed root veg, all flavoured with cinnamon and raisins. This is a proper feast – the perfect leftover lamb recipe.

Adapt this recipe by finely chopping your leftover roast lamb and adding it to the pan at Step three. Pour over the tinned tomatoes immediately, then continue with the recipe as written.

Again, it’s easy to swap cooked lamb into this dish: simply chop your roasted meat in at step seven, then continue with the recipe as written.


This sunshine recipe is a brilliant reason to bring out the BBQ for its first outing of the year, and great for using any uncooked lamb you have leftover.

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